Teaser Successful!

Look at all those curious folk that I tricked into being excited. Boy am I great at marketing or what?

In case you were not one of those Marvel-flick fanboys who watches post-credits scenes, I put a teaser in Basement Busk depicting a disturbing scene.

Those dedicated viewers who clicked the image were redirected to a neat lil’ teaser page. You should go back and check it out.

The box around the purple dude's face leads to a secret!

My brother (the marketing major) advised against scaring the children. As the older brother, I had to ignore his advice.

What was the point?

Well, I was alluding to my next animation, which is what this blog post is about.

This animation is going to be darker, and more violent than my previous ones.

No happy dancing in this one!

Yes, I want to be edgy.

ACBeam’s Bog

I’m currently working on another RHG/battle animation featuring our golden hero Gildedguy and ACB’s creepy slime-demon “Bog”. The following is pulled from his duelist bio:



Bog can control and manipulate his own acidic blood at will using it in various supernatural ways.
he can control how viscous and how acidic his blood can be, whether it be solid or liquid, and whether it be corrosive or non corrosive. He also has the power to perform rituals and cast spells.

Very fast and agile, strong, misleading and manipulative.

Heat, fire, blunt objects and if his head is cut or blown off, it will take slightly longer time to regenerate than any other body part, causing him to slow down.

Bog is unusually quiet although he tends to act upon impulse and can become very frantic.

Character Bio
Bog is a mysterious entity and it isn’t clear what motives he has in mind to pursue. Little is known of Bog and so it is hard to predict what he will do in order to kill. Bog is usually neutral but if he begins to get hungry he and his blood will search for living things to eat and will not be swayed or stopped so easily.



Acb’s character has already been featured in several animations, and I’m really attracted to how ghoulish and creepy Bog is. He is animated to move in very unnatural, disturbing patterns. Combine that with his slime-y skin, you got a character that visually screams: watch out!

Things I want to Try Out


Here are some things I’m keeping in mind during this project. I’m curious if I can:

“Animate something both beautiful and disturbing”
“Animate faster without sacrificing quality”
“Sacrifice ‘technical quality’ without sacrificing ‘how good’ the animation is”
“Animate something that takes you to despair and back again”
“Animate liquids”
“Animate violence”
“Make Gildedguy give up, destroy him”


My newer animations aren’t that violent.

Sure, my stick figures may be punching each other, but never are we cringing at the hits.


I always viewed senseless violence between stick-figures to be boring after awhile. A vast majority of stick fights feature two expressionless figures, hitting each other on a flat plain.

The fights have weak context (story), so most of the entertainment value comes from spectacular impacts, combos, and gratuitous violence.


I too have done many stick fights of this sort.

Yet, these animations are a sensory treat. It’s delightful to see shapes impacting each other in fancy ways. I don’t know why, but it’s addicting to watch. Like watching fireworks and explosions.

But, boy have I been spoiled.

So after many heartwarming animations, I want to give intense violence a try!

The Song ♫

I plan to use Greek Fire’s “A Real Life” for this animation. I think it will fit perfectly for the flow of the battle, especially since the song’s bridge, guitar solo, and climax are so absolutely insane. The whole song is very foreboding, grungy, and catchy.

By the way, the band has an awesome mission statement:

Greek Fire is a mission to capture the attention of a rock deprived generation. A mission to re-vitalize the spirit of rock music in all of its purity and greatness. A mission to create uplifting, soaring music for those who need it now more than ever. Greek Fire is composed of four young men from the planet Earth, each sharing an extreme passion for their respective instruments. Greek Fire is about purity and expression, poetry and mystery, the beauty of the journey. Faith in something greater, a quest into the unknown, a connection with the fire within. Embracing the power of words, the beauty of the guitar riff, the energy created through real rhythm, Greek Fire is a quest to resurrect the greatness of rock music for those who want something more. Natural melodies and rhythm with no cover ups, no pitch correction, no splicing and dicing it to perfection, just the spirit of that natural and attitude-filled first take. We invite you to the ride.

When will it be finished?

This time, I want to finish this thing 1 or 2 months earlier than normal. That means a release day somewhere between February and March.


Top left is my polished style. Top right is concept art. Bottom left is my reduced style. Bottom right is..idk

I’m gonna try my best to skip my laborious polishing/shading phases, so that I’m forced to use time-saving techniques.

Despite this, I trust I’ll make it look even better than Basement Busk.

So feel free to nag me about that deadline, it’ll make me go faster!

Final Thoughts

This is a scary project, since it is a departure from what I normally do. A big fear is animating something cliche. It’s a dark, angst-y cartoon, so it’s going to look very emo. Which is not that bad.

I can settle for emo.

But hopefully, I can push the animation to be literally dreadful.








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70 thoughts on “Working on..Gildedguy vs Bog!

  1. knowing you, I can tell the wait is gonna be worth it,and i know how you feel just wanna animate something more… yeah, So go on ahead and nuke your brain with this idea and do it!

  2. Make Gilded Guy give up? So he’s going to lose? Is there some sort of rule at the Dojo that Bog is to win every battle he participates in? I want to see a RHG battle where Bog loses, and when I think of a RHG that could beat Bog, the first ones that come to my mind are Gildedguy and Tentionmaru.

  3. I hope I make it to the streams! I would love to see the progress in this animation!

    *sadly the stream starting hours are my school hours*

    And I think the song does go really nicely with the animation *excluding the creepy intro, Powermeep does the music for that ;)*

    Anyways, I hope to see the animation soon! It’s coming along great!

  4. Mike! Please let this be the only animation you are going to do of this type! Your animations are the only ones which sets itself apart from other types!

  5. I am truly excited for the new animation! Looking at the suggestions you are using, this is something I want to see the second it comes out. Your turn to shine came a long time ago, GildedGuy!

  6. Seeing Gildedguy’s other battles. He does something “smart” during the battle which is why he wins. Maybe it could happen in this fight?

  7. Question. Stick Michael could summon his armor whenever he wants correct? So you’re saying if his armor breaks, he could summon a a new one!

    • I see it more as Gildedguy can only summon one set of armor. So if it falls off and gets broken, and he summons it, it will re-appear on his body still broken.

  8. Do you think that maybe some of your future animations will be edgy like this one will be? I would love to see more I like it.

  9. Couldn’t gilded guy stall bog by using his pencil to trap him and wait until day, or is it just he only brings it with him to animate?

  10. I think that Gildedguy could actually beat Bog with his pen, seeing as how it uses heat and that just so happens to be one of his weaknesses.

  11. You told me to rush you, so here it is 😛 Plz forgive me.
    20th of March. Deadline is fast approaching. Will you make it in time?
    Find out on the next episode of… u know what screw that meme.

  12. Rush mode activated: Cancerous fan mode: On.

  13. Two questions, are you planning to host and take part in call as, and are you planning on making animation of your “slush fiends” again?

  14. Im so excited for this especially since it’s gonna be a departure from the good ol’ animations with happy dancing and now its 2006 Emo Style lol

  15. I can’t wait to see what interesting dark places this animation goes. Your animations always make me feel something. And I’m sure this one will go into some dark places. So don’t rush it. Do it when you’re in that mindset. You’d rather take months (or years) on something you’ll always love, than weeks on something you’ll regret or forget.

  16. I just realised that with Gildedguy, the hype never dies. Probs cus we’ve never been let down. Even tho its waaaaay overdue, we still hype! But we still waiting patiently 😀

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