I just wanted to share my new project, “Slush Dungeon” (such a creative working title, I know).

It’s an action platformer with rogue-like elements and squad-based dungeon crawling.

Some gameplay features:

  • Randomly generated dungeons, with different enemy and loot amounts for each play-through.
  • Control up to 3 fighters at a time, each with distinct combat styles.
  • Synergy – Instead of leveling up and gaining stats, fighters become more “in-synch” with each other.
  • Emphasis on resource management and exploration.

Right now I’m using Flash’s native vector graphics for rending, but I’m looking into using the Starling engine instead.

Hopefully, I can get it to look something like this:

Anyways, you can try it out at these links:


Let me know if you think it’s fun!

All feedback is welcome, though, I’m already aware of the bugs.
Keep in mind that this is a very rough prototype, so animations will be missing, and the fighters are a bit OP for testing purposes.

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12 thoughts on “Slush Dungeon Prototype

  1. Are you really going to set this game aside? I mean, take a look at the progress so far! Its marvelous! At least you should make a beginning level after you are done with the Slush Rush Tile game.

  2. HALFWAY MAKING SLUSH DUNGEON?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You cant do that! You have to finish everything you started… you know! Since u finished Slush Tile Rush, why dont continue making the slush blahdunnnn… whatever! I LOV I MAN! PLS pls pls pls pls continue making it plspls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Stucker: Why does the game of slush dungeon stopped creating?

    Sthomas: Yea!! I wanna punch blues!

    Stucker: Who’s in charge of making this game?!!!!!!! i’m so angry!!! The game producer stopped making it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I gotta punch em blues!

    Sthomas: Hmm… I cant tell you who is the game producer…

    Stucker: Why?

    Sthomas: Cuz you’re angry!!

    Stucker: So you’re the game producer, RIGHT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gildedguy: I am the producer

    Stucker: Pls continue making the game! We’re halfway punching the bad bluish fighters!!! But it is not enough!!

    Gildedguy: Shall I continue???????

    Stucker and Sthomas: …..>_<

    I suggest you to answer " I will continue and finish what i've started!!!!!(Slush Dungeon)


  3. You are just gonna STOP making Slush Dungeon, I mean that “Big Project”? Other game producers work on many big projects like slush dungeon!!! I mean, you cant set aside the game and delete it instantly, maybe 30% of people who played it dont like it but 70% of people will like it!!!! Dont u understand? This game is 100% marvelous and so…u know…u just cant set it aside and delete it, I wanna play it when I’m bored!!!!Dont u see? Everyone here wants Slush Dungeon game to appear in the Internet!!!!! Play it in Stickpage, silvergames, Afro-Ninja and…whatever! Everybody is supporting u to finish slush dungeon and u just ignored us(sorry to say)!! Even though u gave up on it, other game makers never gave up on the games their about to make(maybe they almost gave up),but they see the world of games, they want people to have some fun(not always)!!!! So Micheal Moy, i’ll give u the options u could choose, Right below:
    1 Give up on it
    Effect: People will get a little boring 🙁
    2 Continue to make it
    Effect: Many guys will like the game
    3 Hire someone to help you make the game
    Effect: People will like the game!!!!( I mean they 100% like the game)

    I tell you, you make the right options, you get the good effect, wrong options, vice versa.

    You know, I’m a fired game maker(because my games have low ratings) but I never gave up! I keep going forward to finish my own “big projects” and my best game is made, Haunted Hotel(it is my own game) it is deleted since i retired, but I’m happy that people get to play the game!!!! C’mon Micheal Moy, u cant set aside games u made halfway and work on other ones, u gotta finish what u STARTED!!!!!!!!


    “Obstacles on our roads may block us, but we gotta ignore the obstacles and finish what we started”
    “A good beginning, makes a good ending”


  4. The first Slush Dungeon game is cool, it is like, when I was beaten up so many times by the monsters, I still won’t die!!! But in the second game, every time I went to different rooms(after a long time haven’t killing Blues), my health decreases quickly!! Why’s that? Anyway, I still like the game.
    Note: I found no other fighters in the first game

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