Basement BuskHola mi amigos!

I’m here to give you all a quick update on my current project, “Basement Busk”.

What is Basement Busk about?

To busk means to entertain by performing on the street or in a public place. Most buskers earn tips by dancing, singing, or reciting.

It follows a tale of Gildedguy, a conflicted gold-plated stickman, and his encounter with Penny, an upbeat singer. It takes place primarily at a basement club where patrons tip the performing entertainment with gold coins. It also features a little fan who attends Gildedguy’s private show.

The song I’m using is “The Basement”, by Eric Hutchinson, so there’s gonna be a lot of bouncy dancing and sync’d animation!

But what is this really about?

Basement BuskIt’s really about being confident enough in your creations to ask and receive money for them.

This is something that always felt weird to me, since it feels like I am putting a price on my art. In my mind, the moment a price is associated with my creation, the fear of comparison arises. Is my art up to par with the industry standards? Are people “getting their money’s worth?”.

In the past, I’ve kept my art “cost free” to my consumers, so that I can avoid the whole mess.

But I now believe Gildedguy must get over this issue of money if he wants to finish his quest.Basement Busk

How much longer ’til it comes out?

After 3 months (I started it immediately after the Falcomaster animation), the project is almost at the half-way point. Although I’m quite comfortable with drawing Gildedguy now, I’m experimenting with some new lighting techniques this time, so progress won’t be much faster than normal. I estimate 2-3 more months until Basement Busk’s release.


Until then, you guys can watch my progress live on Twitch, Youtube, or Picarto.





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13 thoughts on “Working on…A Pop-Rock Music Animation

  1. you spelt really as “realy” in the “What is it REALLY about?” section xD
    also, nice article, it’s actually the first time i read through the entire page. (that’s probably because it’s so short)

    • The animation is about feeling comfortable asking for money. You guys won’t ever *have* to pay, since my animations will always be free to enjoy. I do plan on opening up a Patreon to give supporters a little something extra.

  2. Good luck with animation GG, although whenever I feel comfortable to ask money from others, I always promise them that I would pay them back or do something for them in return. I had to do something for my friend in return to pay for the stickers u sent me, but then again I understand what u mean GG. Good luck golden tin man :3

  3. hey gilded guy my brother realy likes your animations and one time he was realy nervouse to speak to you do you know omegadari thats my brother

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