Website Reborn!

I’ve wanted to redo the website for awhile now, since was originally just a website to showcase my art and coding work to find a job.

My old website’s goals were very different. I had kept the theme very blue, modern. The feeling I was going for was: a sticker book, with a modern glassy interface laid on top. The site came from my programmer self. Keeping things professional, clean, subtle.

It's beautiful. For now.



But really, I had a vision for my more artistic side. Gildedguy is colorful! Bright!

I’m not Michael Moy online, I’m Gildedguy! …plus the domain name for was available.

“MY BRAND” is my attempt at nailing down a personal brand. I’ve been pretty good at maintaining a particular image of “Gildedguy”, but it was time to formalize it. Here are some of my descriptors:

  • Colorful. High saturation.
  • Bright.
  • Friendly, kid appropriate.
  • Golden.
  • Feel good.


The header reflects these things in particular. The golden yellow text on top of the gentle red really resonated with me. Add on top of that my colorful sketch of Rhythm & Rockets, I was happy. Unlike the edgy, minimal, modern logos I see today, this one felt genuine and nice, like a children’s book.

The front page went through several iterations, both live and in planning.

Coding wise, I learned a ton about wordpress, hosting, domains, and redirects.

Setting up a mail list was also cool. I guess.

But you guys don’t want to hear about that boring stuff.

So yeah!

Enjoy the new site, I will be updating it a bunch more in the future.

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