Down at the Slush Invaders Wiki, users were talking about a “multiplayer version of Slush Invaders 3”. I already told them that I’m not working on such a game, but the wiki fans were free to make their own. But that doesn’t mean I’m ignoring multiplayer development as a whole.


Well I had some free time today and decided to look into the multiplayer capabilities of flash, more specifically, PlayerIO. My experience with network coding is fairly limited (I tried out Electrotank a long time ago) but the getting started guide from PlayerIO was fairly straightforward. I already have new ideas revolving around multiplayer gameplay.

It was pretty cool getting the fridge magnets demo to work out, check it out.

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One thought on “Trying out PlayerIO

  1. Umm… TRS, Ultralord, Scottick and Binary seemingly abandoned the whole thing… mostly I think it was because of me…

    – Vincetick! 🙁

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