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Visit Gildedguy’s Sticker Shop!

Gildedguy presents…freshly baked stickers! Shipped right to your mail box.

Featuring favorites from the animations Slush Invaders, Rhythm & Rockets, Falcomaster3K, and Gildedguy vs. Jade!

Apply these colorful characters on any surface through the power of Vinyl Sticker SUPER-TECHNOLOGY.

Durable, and weatherproof, these fancy stickers will survive longer than normal paper stickers.

This set costs $8.00 and comes with 13 different stickers. Each sticker is 2 inches in diameter.

And if you’re not in the US, don’t worry, I ship internationally as well.


Initially, it’s because I wanted to create some sort of physical prize/product to give away on my streams. Winning a key code or free commission is nice, but it’s the stuffed animals that drive people crazy at carnivals.

And although digital art is cool, I love seeing my creations on printed media. Tangible art has this charm that is distinctly more gratifying than images on a screen.

If I sell enough stickers, I’ll definitely make more designs. For now, I stuck with my most popular characters. See if you can recognize them all!

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Well not all of them: The sticker set has two new characters that haven’t appeared yet in my animations. Penny, and an unnamed little guy with a mask. They’ll play a big part in the next animation “Basement Busk”.

And I can’t forget the obligatory commercial:


So if you want to support my animations, while getting some nice swag, check out the shop!



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6 thoughts on “Sticker shop now open!

  1. Hey GG, here’s another idea if u do sell more products in the future! Try little figure models or necklaces and jewelry. Well goodluck on Basement busk gg~💛

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