Check out one of these sub-pages:

Get Started (animation) – Answers to common questions on producing web animation.

Useful Resources (animation) – Links to tutorials and articles that I’ve found to be very clear and concise for animation.

Gildedguy Model Sheet – How I draw Gildedguy!

On Creating Stuff

Above all other creative pursuits, I enjoy animation and game development the most because they let me deliver highly-immersive experiences to the viewer.



Being able to express yourself, while bringing insight and entertainment to others is one of the most fulfilling feelings you can get. And I think every person, no matter how “uncreative”, “dumb”, or “boring” deserves to experience that.

The creative process is a bumpy road, unique to every one. Along the way, personal obstacles like frustration, jealousy and self-doubt will always appear. Heck, these things will prevent many from even starting!

This is why I want to share all that I’ve learned about animation, games, and most importantly: becoming a better artist.