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Please get familiar with how to spell my name using the tutorials and references below. If you are in a hurry, there is a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section at the bottom of this page.


The purpose of this document is to provide the procedures and best practices for spelling my name (Gildedguy). As this can be a complex, challenging task, this page will be updated to reflect the current innovations regarding this topic.

If you have any questions, or would like to contribute, please feel free to contact me. Lastly, as the effort to document this indispensable knowledge is 100% volunteer effort, please consider donating to the foundation.

Target Audience

Identifying the target audience is important for providing context to the reader. Those who fall outside the target audience can safely disregard this guide, as it there is some deep technical rigor involved. Those who fall within the target audience will see the most benefit.

The target audiences of this guide are the general public, the comment section on Gildedguy’s channels, acquaintances of Gildedguy, people I meet for the first time, all my coworkers, and my aunt.

It worth noting that the aforementioned “general public” does not exclude the English-speaking population of planet Earth (Terra). Therefore, the person reading this guide (i.e. “you”) would be considered part of the document’s “target audience”.

The Principles of How to Spell My Name

Although the spelling of my name has a rich and proud history (spanning over 9 years), the spelling hasn’t arrived where it is today without some struggle. Yet, counter-intuitively, it is through struggle that fruitful insights are found.

I have personally witnessed the challenges behind spelling my name. This first-hand experience, combined with countless hours in the field trying to get others to spell my name properly have led to landmark discoveries. These discoveries have been instrumental to building the foundation that spelling my name rests upon.

The fundamentals are not perfect, but they are the closest we have in terms of understanding the orthography behind Gildedguy’s name.

I will cover the 3 Principles briefly, to ensure a holistic overview. The principles will then be followed by a more detailed explanation.

1. First Principle

The first principle of How To Spell My Name is:

My name is spelled as Gildedguy.

2. Second Principle

The second principle is:

Not as Glidedguy.

3. Third Principle

Lastly, the third is:

Not as Guildedguy.

Understanding The Principles

Understanding the First Principle

In case you’ve forgotten, here is a quick primer on the First Principle of How to Spell My Name:

“My name is spelled as Gildedguy.”

One of the best ways to fully understand this principle is through repeated study. Nothing can substitute the proven historical record of hard work and practice. I suggest a tri-daily routine of reading the correct spelling of my name. I’ve found that writing my name once before each meal to be practical and easy to remember. This can be done through typing the nine letters of Gildedguy on your computer. But research shows that physically writing words down on paper commits the information to memory better. Therefore, a dedicated “Gildedguy Spelling Notebook” would be the best tool for mastering the First Principle. Pro tip: Keep the notebook in the refrigerator as a friendly reminder during meal prep.

Typing the name on your phone’s keyboard is not a good approach. Almost all mobile devices seem to have a deficiency that prevents one from properly spelling my name, and instead auto “corrects” the spelling into a wrong varient. I’ve filed bug reports with HTC, Samsung, LG, and Sony, and plan to target Motorola later this year.

It is important to note that practicing the first principle alone can be enough, if you’re careful. More often than not though, you’ll find the second and third principles to be monumental boons to your progress towards spelling my name correctly.

Understanding the Second Principle

“Not as Glidedguy.”

I would like to personally address the group of individuals who spell my name this way:

With all due respect, there may be something wrong with you. I would suggest seeing a professional about your potentially undiagnosed Dyslexia. I have gathered a list of helpful articles for your condition:


Even assuming that you have a medical reason for misspelling my name, the idea of even naming myself “Glidedguy” should have raised a concern. A simple look will show that my character is a stickman in a suit of armor. At worst, you may think that he’s a robot. REGARDLESS of these observations, why would one accept the idea that my name involves the term “Glide”? Armor and robots are HEAVY things. It wouldn’t make logical sense. It would be an oxymoron, which is not as cool as a name with a solid meaning.

I do concede the point that Gildedguy wears a cape, which has traditionally been associated with superheroes. And you could make the argument that based on his appearance, Gildedguy could fly. But the fact remains is that he does not fly, and by extension, does not glide.

Understanding the Third Principle

“Not as Guildedguy.”

This misspelling is not as heinous as the one featured in the Second Principle, but it is still unforgivable. The most common cause of violating the this principle is the fact that “guild” and “gild” are homophones. A person who hears about Gildedguy would make the assumption that Gildedguy was from a guild. Which is understandable, considering guilds were popular in the medieval ages and Gildedguy wears a suit of armor.

What is not understandable is the act of spelling the name without fact checking or consulting secondary sources. Acting without proper information is the major cause of most world problems. Problems like the global financial crisis, climate change, acts of war, racial division, modern day slavery, and spelling my name wrong.

Common Pitfalls

  • Spell my name as Gildedguy. Note how the *I* is placed before the *L*.
  • Not as Glidedguy. In this example, the speller has placed the *L* before the *I*. It is actually spelled *Gildedguy*. The former name implies that I would be *gliding*, as if I can fly.
  • Spelling my name as Glidedguy will result in an in a “misspelling”. This is also known as a “spelling mistake”. Notice how the incorrect spelling places the “L” prior to the “I”.
  • Be conscious as you physically interface with the keyboard. Make sure that you do not type the *L* before the *I*.
  • During your attempt, it may occur that my name will appear as Glidedguy in your text document, search bar, or comment box. In this case, a separate procedure is required (see Correcting A Spelling Mistake of My Name).

Correcting A Spelling Mistake of My Name

Section in progress.


Please refer to this FAQ if you find yourself in a time-sensitive situation involving my name. It will also be useful to go over this FAQ once you’ve finished reading the main guide, as a refresher.

How do you spell Gildedguy?


Like this? (Guildedguy)

without the “u”.