Stick People

Made: 2007
Dev Progress: 45%
Type: Point and Click RPG
Controls: Use the mouse to interact. WASD to walk and enter buildings.

About: Inspired by Stick RPG, except in side-scrolling form (wow I really liked making side-scrollers). I started developing this game as soon as I learned about local storage for flash (cookies). Previously, I designed my games with the limitation of no saved games.

11 thoughts on “Stick People

      • I had to buy and eat a whole bunch of food until It said BLOAT, then I had to keep sleeping because every time I sleep, 1 health point it added to my health; exceeding my max health. I kept sleeping until my health was 56 and it said I was very hungry. If it said I was starved, my health would drop down to 5 wasting all the time and money I spent. I figured out that strategy and now my power is 74! sometimes my kicks can deal 50+ points of damage, letting me take out the beanie guy in one or two hits.

  1. Thousands of thankyous if you can please make a continuation, I know your busy, but Id appreciate it. (And can you make a crudless room? lol)

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