Slush Invaders Game

Made: 2012
Dev Progress: 100% (Complete!)

Type: Cannon Launcher

Controls:  Click or #1-5 to send out fighters. QWE to switch targets.

99 thoughts on “Slush Invaders Game

  1. awsem easy not realy but is sooo awesom…………………………………………. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. At the near end of the video, we see light green shotgunners, are they blue baddies… or green? hmm? I wonder.

  3. Hey, GildedGuy? How do you come up with combos and attacks for your games and anims? They’re awesome! I want to know because I’m making a fighting game and I want to make the combat look as awesome as possible.

    • Hm, I draw a lot of my inspiration from similar action games I like. Games with really good combat animation makes the punches/kicks look impactful and “crunchy”. Devil May Cry, Kingdom Hearts, Gears of War, Street Fighter all have really good combat. I’d say watch (or even better, play!) a good amount of games and pay attention to the animation.

  4. Ok, This game is amazing. But there is just one glitch in the NG+ mode.

    When you use Ben Stickobi’s Ultimate during the football boss dude, the game will glitch out.
    – St. Andrew is no longer on the screen
    – Your team is no longer visible
    – Boss and back round is in an endless animation.
    – Boss can not attack
    – You can not reset
    – You can not change quality
    – You can not mute/un mute
    – Because of this, you need to reload page to continue playing

    Hopefully you can fix these problems 😀

    • He’s there so that when ever he dies, if you bought the upgrade, he heals the fighters next to his icon that have health. That’s also why there’s an upgrade to halve his health so that he can die faster. (I understand your confusion, I was confused about him too.) 🙂

    • When he dies he also does an attack that goes makes him launch super fast and u can get it done easier but u have to buy the upgrade 😛

  5. Hey, I never knew it/never realized it, but it’s an amazing tip that farms your Ultra-Attack, but it’s even better than the one in the Cook Book! Okay, so here’s how it goes: Sthomas [with Fists O’ Fury] + Stick Jorge [with Power Cap+ or Level Up] + Sticorey

    • Okay, so here’s the recipe, Sthomas’ Fists O’ Fury upon Stick Jorge will speeden up the process of farming, and Sticorey’s invinciblity upon Jorge will secure the farm. But if it’s not enough, you can just add the Bolster and the HP+ upgrade to Sticorey.

  6. Aww man! This game is so fun and I’m now playing NG+ mode, but the crappy part is, is that all my data and load got deleted some how and now I have to start all over! I was really hoping to achieve the secret ending too! I’ve already seen the secret ending but I wanted to achieve it myself…man this game is so much fun but I gotta start all over.(which I don’t mind but still a bit upset about it)

  7. Dear Gildedguy

    this game is cool i`m play this game all day but can you made slush invaders 2 please


    update this game the characther,levels,ending,and more


    made this game again but the story are different the big blues will make the slush fighter will fight each other,St. Andrew will make them be joined again,and then slush fighter and St. Andrew will revenge on big blues

    sorry for making you tired of making it
    you have to use the sad ending
    choose 1 or 2 to making it, if you can make 3 of it, ITS GREAT

    please please please please please please please please please please please please make it
    If you make it

    Thank You 🙂


  9. i really hope u fix it,because i liked the vids,but i want to play the game,i hope u got enough time to fix i please and thanks

  10. a little easter egg,when stick michael uses his ultra,its says,” Gildedguy,” XD u just wanted to ad something in the game to show thanks for
    the guy that animated the trailor with u?

    • Basically, StEric snipes u in the back, StOmar just stays on the ground so you should try double-jumping over him, SThomas will try and harm you, after his combo, BEAT HIM UP. (U should also try and have your slush fighters focus on either Sthomas and StEric since Omar becomes invincible while attacking)

  11. in NG+ on Autumnus big blue just dissapear, and in another levels, and because of that i can’t even with max hit start level, what should i do with this?

  12. Hey, is it possible you could upload a time-lapse of how you animate certain characters (I particularly like Marc Stick)? Please?
    Love your game! I get so many inspiration from it!

  13. Could somebody please give me a few tips on how to lengthen combos? I can’t seem to figure out how to do it…

  14. Glideguy, or mike, can u respond to me? theres some lag in this game that I don’t like about it. its with the 1st boss. or all te bosses. it lags and then makes me die, the stickman is not letting me control it. plz fix it and please respond. also I lover your videos.

    • Heya! Sorry about the lag, I can suggest that you lower the quality of the game to LOW. Also try to play on a better device/computer?

  15. Hey GildedGuy, i just want you to know that you’ve made an amazing game, but one of my favorite characters Stick Brian’s reinforcement ability is broken, it doesnt activate on the right stick to Brian. Hope you can fix this, that is if you still update this game. Cheers!

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