Slush Tile Rush

Made: Oct 2014
Dev Progress: 100% (Complete!)

Match-3 game with a twist of strategy and action.

Play on Android devices too (actually, it’s preferred)

Controls: 1. Click tiles! 2. Match tiles (left > right)! 3. Bruise the baddies and beat the boss!

Press F to go into fullscreen.

About: Get the Slush Fighters home in this combat-focused match-3 game. Slush Tile Rush requires light-strategy and quick reflexes. Many months went into this game, so I hope you enjoy it! And if it gets too hard…I’m sorry.

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66 thoughts on “Slush Tile Rush

  1. Why not include full slush fighters team? If can please add Stick Matt, Stick Dan, etc. Thanks for the help!

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    • oh no that’s the problem of the computer

      Hey when will you create a new charachter?

      if you don’t have an idea then why not have advice from chrisdelapena22

      i feel you won’t

    • It saves the game data for me. Your browser probably has settings that makes it delete cookies. Try disabling that. (‘-‘ )

  3. about the RHG fighters,pls. add more fighter to it and slush invaders is my most fav. stickman of all stickmans I’ve played and seen so pls. make more games and videos also can you pls. add one more character,his name is stickleonide,he’s black with a red out line and his weapon is a staff with a floating crystal on the tip,he has abandana(sorry about the spelling) color red and hes a ninja so pls.pls.pls. make him a defender(from her niece, I’M A BIG FAN and your on my wallpaper 🙂

  4. Yo, Mike. Great game, love it, you probably don’t care about this next part, but the Armoured Lime fight is ridiculous. I started getting Stedro’s special chain, and then out of nowhere, I got a game over.

  5. To everyone out there just to know the most annoying characters are Stucker and Stedro, becuz of the’re abilities to create more tiles which is how you lose the game

  6. Hey GildedGuy, in the game, I noticed that the ending is different from the other slush invaders game. So like, in slush invaders 3, will u show where they live now or are u going to make a video about it?

  7. Umm…..In the Slush Invaders Game,Stick Waqas’s rockets is from LOL’s Heimerdinger’s “w” In the Slush Tile Rush,Stick Waqas’s forts is from LOL’s Heimerdinger’s “q” right? That’s cool! I like it!

  8. am I the only one who noticed most of the bosses are actually real sticks in the fighting community (nhazul, chuck, fairy etc.)

  9. i regret replacing Gildedguy w/ Stedro. i still can’t get past the Armoured Lime because of how many Stedro tiles i keep getting w/out even using his special. -_-

    • oh jkjk, um… tip for nhazul: wait for combos… I know it’s obvious, but patience really is the key against him

  10. I simply had to test this on this official version…
    There is this bug, where if you decide to start tutorial and after that reload the page, you’ll be with your previous non-tutorial team at the first stage. You get new members at stages 2 and 5. So that means, you can play the game until the stage 3, then tutorial-restart your team back to the first stage and then get another stick fighter at stage 2 again!

    This is everything I managed to test here. The rest is very likely to work here too, but I tested it only on my mobile:
    You can repeat this as many times as you want and aquire as many stick fighters as you can, until the point your character bar is so wide that you can’t choose who will you pick and who discard after certain bosses (this should happen with 10-member team). After you get your 5th fighter, you can’t change him anymore, so if you don’t like him, reload the page and repeat the stage for someone more fit. If you try to replace him, replacing animation will play, but in next stage your team will stay unchanged. It works the same for everyone beyond the 4th slot.

    One thing to note: This does give you no advantage at all. The more fighters you have, the more difficult the game is.

    Now go, challenge me! I’m stuck with 9 fighters at 5th stage, because I heavily depend on what RNG gives me at Armored Lime fight. Managed to get Nazhul at stage 3, after half an hour fight I brought him down, luckily. Of course, I did this on mobile. I don’t want to know how much harder it is with mouse on PC.

    If some mobile player manages to read this and doesn’t happen to know, that the game ends early there, you can close the game during ending cutscene and then continue the story. You’ll get the same cutscene in the end, but stages will be more difficult + tiny surprise in the final stage.

    Enjoy! I had great time playing this game. 🙂

  11. The Skunk is unbelievably strong, I kinda got mad just trying to get in the tower, but then the first time I see the Skunk, I was like “oh this isn’t gonna be a problem at all.”, then it’s just…really stronger than I expected.

    (Sticorey, most useful character in-game.)

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