Slush Dungeon

Made: Jan 2014
Dev Progress: 10%

Action platformer with rogue-like elements and squad-based dungeon crawling.

Controls: See in-game instructions.

About: This is a prototype for one of my more ambitious ideas. I had biiiig plans for this game, but bigger things got in the way.

Some gameplay features:

  • Randomly generated dungeons, with different enemy and loot amounts for each play-through.
  • Control up to 3 fighters at a time, each with distinct combat styles.
  • Synergy – Instead of leveling up and gaining stats, fighters become more “in-synch” with each other.
  • Emphasis on resource management and exploration.

Project Updates/Progress Thread

Unfortunately, this project has been cancelled. Please read the blog post for more details:Slush Dungeon is Dunzo


35 thoughts on “Slush Dungeon

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  2. Can you stop with the leave room lose health or apples thing because it doesnt hurt you to walk to the other side of the street 😛

  3. Dude you have to add other people, not just Stucker, Sthomas and GildedGuy (yourself). :/. What happened to the others? They got cooked for dinner by the blues? They’ve been blasted to bits? wut. I thought big blue was already big blue, there is aNOTHER BIG BLUE?!Man….
    Can’t you add Drabs and the whole team plz. xD

  4. This game has many bugs. Sometimes, When I enter a different room, the screen of the game goes grey, but I still see the map, my character stats, and I also hear the music. And right now, before I posted this, My guy glitched, and fell out of the map. I couldn’t move him either. And a couple minutes before that, my 2 other guys randomly died. Please fix this!!

  5. This game is sweet.i dont know if it was a bug but i had enough HP and i was doing some back tracking and as i enter an area i fell to the ground and die (no enemies were around, i did not have new characters yet so i was playing as Glideguy) then game seem to be stuck with the music lopping iin the back ground

  6. men I love your game but some of the dungeon has a pit that I cound’t make movement but falling infinitely. And put a menu button.

  7. I love this game! Although it has one problems, I noticed that sometimes the characters completely froze, leaving me to refresh the game. But so far, great game! I would suggest more music for specific parts of the game. Keep it up!

  8. You know what? I want to help you code this thing. I still need to practice coding more. I want to see this game completely fleshed out.

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