Made: 2008
Dev Progress: 35%

Type: Brawling Action Platformer

Controls: WASD to move. J and K to attack. Spacebar to pause.

About: Really ambitious project that I worked on for several months. After working on so many prototypes and experimental games, I thought I’d try developing a more substantial game with a story, RPG elements, scripted events, and boss battles.

Too Big a Project: Even though I had numerous projects sitting on my computer, I had yet to produce a really polished game. I was determined to make my “dream game” that I could finally release online for others to see. I planned out what would be a fighting platformer game.

After prototyping the combat and coding the engine for a couple weeks, I focused on building the actual levels. Problem was, I was learning new coding techniques along the way and I had an inconsistent work schedule. School projects would popup and the game would have to be set aside for a week or two. By the time I got back, I wouldn’t be able to recognize the code I had written. This resulted in many unfun debugging sessions. As I added more content, controlling the file size of my game became harder.  I managed to produce a lengthy tutorial level and level one before giving up.

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  1. Hey, you really should finish this!, I may just be a kid but I am a great game maker, I just do not know how to publish them, but I will still try to help you!

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