Made: 2010
Dev Progress: 100% (Complete!)
Type: Competitive Minigame
Controls: Perform in-game quick time events using the mouse and keyboard.

About: Project for my high school’s in class “medieval fair”. Pits players against each other (or the computer) through a series of minigames.

Roster System: I expected multiple students would want to play on the same computer, so I setup a roster system. First time players would “signup” a new knight with their name and customized armor. Then, if two players wanted to duel, they could select their knights on the roster and fight for each other’s armor. The game would also feature the player with the most wins on the splash screen.

One thought on “Joust

  1. “Sir the latest succ is victorious”

    Sorry I am bad at names
    Pretty good game, I wish I had a friend to play it with, the cpu is way too easy for the lastest succ
    The last round since glitched, is it glitched? the horses were facing the opposite ways and it zoomed to the middle, they weren’t on the middle nor anything, also the “Vs” thing repeated itself
    It would be nice if it got that small fix, since it’s not the best game but you may enjoy it, I would enjoy it if I had a friend to play it with but again, I am batman….. well no but I wish I was…. sniff

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