Gilded Quest

Made: June 2015
Dev Progress: 20% of mvp

My publicly available, secret project, under construction.Right now, everything is controlled via chat commands:
/left Moves your player to the left-most empty spot.
/right Moves your player to the right-most empty spot.

/move [spot #] Moves your player to the specified slot in the room.

/standby Skips your turn.

/attack [player id #] Deals 4 damage to the target player. When they hit 0 HP, they’re kicked outta the game!

/defend [player id #] Puts you in active defense of another player. When the other player takes damage, you will absorb an equal fraction of the damage.

/ask Provides a list of /ask commands. 

/tell Provides a list of /tell commands.

You can type something after /standby or /attack command to shout it out to the group. Example:
/standby YOU’RE GOIN DOWN!!!!!!!

/attack 1 You’re goin down!!!!!


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