Air Assault

Made: 2007
Dev Progress: 25%
Type: Horizontal Shmup
Controls: Arrow keys to move. Spacebar to fire.

About: An experiment with horizontal shoot-em-ups. Since there were (and still are) many tutorials for this type of game, I thought I would give it a shot.

Coding Story: Because I was a beginner programmer, I had little experience with spawning movieclips. Instead, I was used to keeping all enemy instances directly on the stage (but offscreen). In order to make enemies appear at certain times throughout the level I made the enemy ships move at <1 pixel per second. The enemies would slowly inch their way leftwards (they spawned on the far right, off screen) until reaching the screen. The moment they appeared on screen, their regular flight patterns would kick in.
An extremely hacky way to simulate spawning.

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