Basement Busk

Hello! My name is Michael (the animator), and I am looking for help on scoring animation to a musical track.

It is the first 3 minutes (intro) to a 6-7 minute long video, where the second half of the video features Eric Hutchinson’s “The Basement” as the theme song.

Please request a private link to preview the animation by emailing me at

Hopefully the animation itself expresses a certain mood that one could write music for, but I will be available to answer questions about the mood I’m going for.

  • Feeling: Cozy, fable/storybook-like.
  • Musical cues do not have to match motions 100%, but I would expect melodic shifts in between major scene changes (e.g. 0:16, 1:11, 1:49, 2:40).
  • The backing music does not have to be 100% original, willing to go with pre-made tracks that also fit the anim.
  • I do not plan on adding sound effects, but I can if necessary.
  • Track Length: 3 minutes
  • Limited Budget (please contact me)
  • Target Date: November 2016

If you are interested or have any questions, feel free to contact me, again at