I’m Michael, a guy from Northern Virginia. I studied computer science at VTech and worked for a great company doing contract work for the government (CBP/DHS). Nowadays, I create awesome, yet sincere, art.

Thats me!

You may have enjoyed some of my past music animations, such as Slush Invaders, Rhythm & Rockets, Gildedguy vs. Jade, and Falcomaster the Smash Bros Anime.

I’ve also developed a handful of web games, write animation articles, and live-stream my creative process on Twitch and YouTube.

I do all this under the guise of a little golden knight, whom I now call…


He wears a golden suit of armor, because he puts himself into his art for other stick people to enjoy.

Though, he doesn’t do it to show off! (Well, he tries not to.)

He does it because he truly believes gold is a beautiful metal that will brighten everybody’s day up!ggProud

Take a look at some of Gildedguy’s best work.